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2nd International Forum on Suicide Prevention Policy: Research Evidence - Innovation of Suicide Countermeasures in Japan - (20-Jan-2018, Tokyo)(PDF)
We, JSSC, are publishing an academic journal "Suicide Policy Research" this autumn.
This will provide information on Suicide Policy so that it can contribute to realize a society in which no one is driven to take their own life.
We publish an English version of the new General Principles of Suicide Prevention Policy (Cabinet decision on July 25, 2017) which is translated by JSSC and tailored to World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10.(PDF)
On August 22, 2017, Dr. Yutaka Motohashi (Director of the JSSC) had a press briefing entitled “Aiming for 30% Decrease in Suicide Rate—Revising Suicide Prevention Guidelines for the First Time in 5 Years” at the Foreign Press Center Japan (Tokyo) as the chair of the Council on the State of the New General Principles of Suicide Prevention Policy (which submitted a report to the government in May 2017) where he discussed the features of the New General Principles, their significance, and what is needed in suicide countermeasures.

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