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Suicide Policy Research

Welcome to Suicide Policy Research (SPR)

This is an open access, peer-reviewed journal to disseminate latest, expeditious trends of suicide and suicide countermeasures worldwide. The journal has a special focus on useful, practical evidence for suicide policy making and suicide reduction. Not only to provide an evidence of academic research, but also to disseminate cases for giving clue for the better future practice, or lessons learned from various case of suicide countermeasures in frontline. Our journal tries to contribute to better solution of suicide reduction worldwide.

Comment from the Editor-in-Chief

On April 1, 2016, Basic Law on Suicide Countermeasures enacted in 2006 was totally amended. New principles of Japan’s Suicide countermeasures focus on ‘Comprehensive Support for better living’, not only by high risk group approach, or psychiatric approach, but also stress more partnership with various related organizations, and community based approach.

In addition, General Principles of Suicide Prevention Policy amended in July 2017. We challenge with various programs, projects based on this new Basic Law on Suicide Countermeasures, and new General Principles of Suicide Prevention Policy.

Japan Support Center for Suicide Countermeasures(JSSC) will support these challenges with academic evidences, various tools for better solution to suicide reduction. Particularly, we develop profile of actual local suicide conditions, and prepare policy packages of local suicide countermeasures to assist prefectural, municipal level planning. This time we publish English, and Japanese Journal of Suicide Policy Research. These journals also imply to ‘public export of suicide policy from Japan’, we wish both journals will actively contribute to promote world suicide countermeasures.

Editorial board

Yutaka Motohashi, JSSC, Editor-in-chief
Hiroto Ito, Research Center for Overwork-related Disorders, JNIOSH
Koji Fujita, JSSC
Takeo Fujiwara, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Yoshihiro Kaneko, JSSC
Yoshinori Fujiwara, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology

About this journal

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Address: Japan Support Center for Suicide Countermeasures, National Institute of Mental Health, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry; 4-1-1 Ogawa-higashi, Kodaira, Tokyo 187-8553, Japan

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