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Greetings from the Director

The Japan Support Center for Suicide Countermeasures (JSSC) was launched on April 1, 2016. In accordance with the new philosophy and aims of the revised Basic Law on Suicide Countermeasures that went into effect on April 1, 2016, the Center has made it its mission to supply evidence with which the parties involved may work together from an interdisciplinary perspective in dealing with the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle for suicide prevention as well as to reinforce the mechanisms that support community-based measures, including those of private sector entities. From now on, the major role of the Center is to provide technical support from a specialist perspective to community centers for the promotion of suicide countermeasures that play an important role in promoting steps to counter suicide in their communities. In short, the Center will continue its efforts to accumulate evidence to support community-based suicide countermeasures, with a primary focus on practical initiatives at the local level, and to strengthen its technical and specialized support to parties on the frontlines in carrying out such measures.

The basic philosophy behind the revised Basic Law on Suicide Countermeasures is stated as follows: “With the aim of ensuring that all people are valued as human beings and are able to live meaningful lives with hope for the future based upon their zest for living, suicide countermeasures must be implemented as comprehensive support for people’s lives in a way that contributes to overcoming various factors that may interfere with the accomplishment of this aim and widely and appropriately establishing and enhancing the environment to assist and facilitate such support” (Article 2, Paragraph 1). Moreover, “Suicide countermeasures must be implemented on a comprehensive basis through the organic coordination of measures and policies related to health, medicine, welfare, education, labor and other relevant issues” (Article 2, Paragraph 5). In order to ensure that this basic philosophy is steadily translated into reality, as the key player in promoting our country’s suicide countermeasures, it is the Center’s role to support the policies and practices of the national government, local public entities, and other relevant organizations.

As for the provision of evidence, the aim is to build on studies of comprehensive suicide countermeasures from an international and interdisciplinary perspective, as a kind of social design science for the purpose of changing the existing state of society on the suicide issue, and to return those findings to those on the frontlines of suicide prevention. Four research offices have been established within the Center: the Office for Suicide Data Analysis, the Office for Comprehensive Suicide Countermeasures, the Office for Promotion of Support for Suicide Survivors, and the Office for Promotion of Community Suicide Policy. These offices collaborate closely with one another with the objective of contributing to the spread of comprehensive suicide countermeasures to every corner of Japan.

The Center is an organization in which the relevant parties in private sector entities, academia, and government participate in the Board of Regents and are involved in the business operations of the Center so that all concerned parties can present a unified front in the promotion of suicide countermeasures and function as a trilateral cooperative in managing the Center’s services. By having the voices of those involved on the frontlines of suicide prevention readily reflected in running the Center and by promoting evidence-based community suicide countermeasures, we believe that we will contribute to the spread of effective preventive measures throughout all the prefectures and to every city, town, and village in Japan.

Yutaka Motohashi
Japan Support Center for Suicide Countermeasures
April 1, 2016

Basic Law on Suicide Countermeasures (Revised by the Diet, March 22, 2016)
The General Principles of Suicide Prevention Policy (Cabinet Decision, July 25, 2017)




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